NOVA is the platform for Local and Regional Share Strong Workforce Proposals and Reporting

Year 2016-17 Local Share plans have been imported into NOVA, and are no longer editable. Starting in October 2017, NOVA will include the functionality to complete Fiscal Reporting on

SWP projects, and at that time certain attributes of 2016-17 plans will be editable (e.g. budgets, metrics).

As of August 15th 2017, all new 2017-18 Local Share plans will be created in NOVA. Use this Link to the online copy of the Local Share Manual on NOVA.

For support on how to access the NOVA system or to report a problem, please contact

Use this Link to access NOVA. Feel free to forward this link to those at your college who will be interacting with the platform.

Use this Link to access a NOVA general overview webinar: Understanding the Strong Workforce Program Round 2 NOVA platform.