NOVA is the platform for Strong Workforce Program Local and Regional Share Proposals and Fiscal Reporting.

In August, we introduced new functionality into NOVA (, opening up year two funding and incorporating Regional Share Strong Workforce Program (SWP) proposals. We are excited to introduce the next phase of NOVA. When you login to NOVA you will see a menu item for Fiscal Reporting under the SWP Fund. (View screenshot)

Use the filters to find your proposals and click on them to enter into fiscal reporting. Based on your permissions, you will be able to enter expenditures, adjust budgets and metrics, and submit reports.

Reporting for FY16-17 Strong Workforce Local Share and Regional Share funded programs is due on December 1, 2017

Please email if you need NOVA technical support

Access Levels Description:

There are two levels of access: basic and advanced. Each are assigned at the local and regional level independently. For this Beta process, input from local, regional, and Chancellor’s Office personnel determined your permission level.

  • Basic level access allows a user to report on all expenditures, and are restricted from moving funds between object codes within a project. Basic users may not increase or decrease the overall budget for a project.
  • Advanced level access allows users the same level of access as Basic level access, but provides authority to increase and decrease the overall budget for a project.

Your Strong Workforce Program Fiscal Reporting permissions have been updated based on your Regional Chair’s recommendation as follows:

  • SWP Regional Share reporting access: advanced
  • SWP Local Share reporting access: advanced

If you are a new user to NOVA you will receive an email with login information. If you do not receive an invitation email you already have a NOVA account. If have forgotten your password you may click the forgot password link to have it reset (check your junk folder if you don’t see the email arrive within a minute).

Please take the time to review the FAQ and user manuals located within the Guidance section on the Doing What Matters websites Strong Workforce Program page. Should you encounter any unexpected issues, have a question, believe you need a different level of access, or have suggestions, please use the help feature at the top right of the NOVA webpage or email .


  • Access the NOVA Strong Workforce Program Year 1 Reporting Manual and FAQs at this link
  • Please contact if you need technical support with NOVA
  • Use this link to access NOVA. Feel free to forward this link to those at your college who will be interacting with the platform
  • Use this link for the October 2, 2017 guidance from the Chancellor's Office about NOVA's new fiscal reporting module