Industry Sector Projects in Common (ISPIC)

ISPIC Process
  • Sector Navigators post their projects on the ISPIC Form.
  • When this form is submitted, an ISPIC Project Sheet is created containing the information entered into the form. A link to this form is posted on the ISPIC Index
  • The ISPIC Index will display a list of ISPICs with a brief description of each and a link to each ISPIC's Project Sheet. 
  • Those interested in participating in an ISPIC may follow the link to the ISPIC Project Sheet and sign up and/or contact the DSN.
  • An ISPIC FAQ has been created that people may wish to consult as questions and problems come up. Please contact Rock Pfotenhauer if you run into problems with the technology that aren't addressed by the FAQ,, 831-212-7207.

ISPIC Webinars Recordings & PowerPoints -  Link to Completed Webinar Schedule (updated 11/7/17)

  • Tuesday, November 7, 2017, Advanced Manufacturing ISPIC Webinar, 9:00-10:00AM, Call Recording -coming soon!  Powerpoint 
  • Thurs., October 26, 2017, Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technologies ISPIC Webinar, 10:00-11:00AM, Call Recording , Powerpoint